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Lara is a world traveler who has used the art of travel to turn her life around, clear the way for her unique path, and unleash her greatest potential.

Her lust for travel started in her college years when after a semester in London she backpacked her way through Europe on a solo excursion that opened her eyes to diversity of landscape, personalities, food, sounds, and healing principles that cover the globe.

A natural intuitive, Lara’s sensitive nature made it easy for her to adopt the unique energetic qualities of each location and to use them to become a better and more fulfilled person, partner, and participant in her own community. This is the spirit she shares with each one of her travelers and gem they get from her trips that can be found on no other.

All Trips Include!

*A spectacular location vibrating with high frequency, life changing energy
*Programs that amplify the spirit
*Yoga and Mediation are included, but not required practices on all of Lara’s trips. Each participant also has the opportunity to meet with Lara for coaching or healing.
*All ages and types of people


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What I remember most when I decided to go on this trip, was when Lara said it would change my life. To see that actually happen is more than I could ever hope for. The trip presented the perfect challenge for myself - physically, mentally and emotionally. So the main testimonial I have is - if you want to change your life, book a trip with Love Where You Land travels!!

Monica Freeman-Greene July 30, 2016