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Hello Loves! I am here for you! I want you to know that I see you and recognize you. Each of us has an individual journey with it’s own hurdles. As an outside, intuitive, I offer perspective, kindness, and clarity. I promise to help you discover all the magic that is available to you and to help you truly and completely embody your best self.

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Bring your whole team together through the upward vibrations that yoga creates! Lara’s clients are from all kinds of fields and include Halstead Realty, Artimus Construction, Row House Restaurant, HBO & more.


A perfect hour of yoga and yoga philosophy intertwined and designed so that your team can feel the transformative nature of the practice and the way it can be used as a catalyst to their own personal growth. We will experience postures that give us a look at how we react when we are scared or unsure and spend time exploring the options available to us when we use our breath and stillness. Laughter is encouraged and icebreakers ease first timers nerves.


Dive deeper into the culture and connectivity of your team in this half-day yoga, meditation, mindfulness workshop. The day begins with heart-opening exercises crafted to encourage thoughtful and honest sharing. Next we look the way actions play out into results (karma) through the experiencing yoga postures, exploring also body language and how positioning the body changes how we think and feel. These concepts are developed further through group yoga exercises and challenges. Your mini retreat concludes with a long and rejuvenating meditation and gratefulness ceremony, bonding your team forever. (Includes all the offerings listed in Power Hour.)


Create and instate your bliss on the individual and team levels in this full day workshop designed to elevate belief systems and give you an action plan to get to new and higher goals beyond which you have imagined before. Release all negative history in mind, body, and soul using breathing, yoga, and meditation techniques and step into your new future. Elevate the spiritual culture of the group and literally vibrate higher as the weights that were holding you down are systematically released. Full Day Fuel Up includes all the offerings in Power Hour and Mini Retreat, plus the additions of creative visualization, action agreements, journaling and drawing your future as a team. Graduates of Full Day Fuel Up get ongoing access to tips and techniques via a private Facebook page and get first access to Land’s online Train Your Brain coming this June.


Lara Land offers a range of yoga opportunities for corporations looking to bond, get fit, improve focus and energy or just have fun! Classes can be modified to meet the needs and culture of the individual organization. Rates below are for HP2P businesses only. Transportation not included. Class size is subject to limits of location. All ages and abilities are welcome and encouraged.

My Method and My Energy

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
I am a humble servant. The method I teach and the energy I teach with are gifts from this man, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, channelled and shared. Each day I ask that I be able to tune into the source and touch those around me with that magic. The Ashtanga system has called some of us to it and our job is to communicate it through the present moment. It moves each person differently, just the way the sun touches each of us in a unique way, yet the method remains the same. My dedication is to be true to it, to my teachers, to my students, and to myself.