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Lara Land - September 16th, 2017

Trauma Teacher Training

Yoga Trauma Teacher Training-4

As a yoga teacher we never know who will walk into our room. We should all know how to teach those who are dealing with trauma. Learn how in this special Yoga for Service + Trauma Teacher Training. In this 10... Read More
Lara Land - August 12th, 2017

Led Ashtanga Iceland Workshop

Josu Ozkaritz Photography

Josu Ozkaritz Photography

Be prepared to have the sweatiest meditation ever. In this guided Ashtanga class Lara will focus on teaching the principles: asana, breath, and gaze point throughout every movement. Following her gentle, concise, and eye-opening instruction you will finally find the... Read More
Lara Land - June 9th, 2017

Yoga + Reiki Healing...


Join us for a celebration of Land Yoga's Six Years in Harlem and rejuvenating mini healing retreat. Take the time and space to access deep levels of movement, relaxation, Reiki energy healing and Sound Therapy. The combination of these practices lead... Read More